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Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood wearing the controversial Destroy T-shirt
Westwood wears the controversial Destroy T-shirt

Vivienne Westwood is one of my favourite fashion designers. She embodied the punk spirit in fashion with a rebellious force. Meeting her and potentially walking for one of her shows in her presence was a wish of mine. Her death was a significant loss to the fashion industry.

" I'm not terribly interested in beauty. What touches me is someone who understands herself. "

There are no Vivienne Westwood stores in Canada, so while I was in Milan, I had to see her unique, eye-catching, and bold pieces in person.

Corso Venezia, 25, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Group photo of Black Stones, often shortened to Blast (ブラスト Burasuto), is a Japanese punk band. The current members are Nana Osaki (vocals), Nobuo Terashima (guitar), Shinichi Okazaki (bass), and Yasushi Takagi (drums) from the anime Nana created by Ai Yazawa.

I've always had this question for Westwood, and it's about my favourite anime, Nana. The characters in the anime wear items designed by her, and I'm curious to know more about them from the designer herself.

" My clothes have a story. They have an identity. They have a character and a purpose. That's why they become classics. Because they keep on telling a story. They are still telling it. "

My favourites by Vivienne Westwood are most of her 90's runway collections.

Fall-Winter 1990-91 show The Portrait Collection

Fall 1993 Ready-to-Wear

Fall 1994 Ready-to-Wear

Spring-Summer 1995 show 'Erotic Zones'

Vivienne was someone who helped define the style of the punk era through attitude and fashion, making her everlasting mark in the fashion industry.



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